sumate a la comunidad blusera!!

sumate a la comunidad blusera!!
sumate a la comunidad blusera!!

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jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

Joe Bonamassa's A New Day Yesterday (2001) DVDRIP

A New Day Yesterday Live is a bonus DVD that was included with Joe Bonamassa's So, It's Like That CD. Bonamassa is another one of those blues prodigies, along the lines of Johnny Lang and Kenny Wayne Sheppard, who started playing guitar when he was only four years old, after hearing Stevie Ray Vaughan, and was playing many of Stevie's songs note-for-note by the time he was six.
This concert was recorded at Piere's Entertainment Center, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on December 21, 2001.


Joe Bonamassa - Guitars/Vocals
Eric Czar - Bass
Kenny Kramme - Drums

1. Cradle Rock
2. Steppin' Out/Rice Pudding
3. A New Day Yesterday
4. Miss You, Hate You
5. Walk In My Shadows
6. I Know Where I Belong
7. Colour And Shape
8. Trouble Waiting
9. If Heartbreaks Were Nickels
10. Don't Burn Down That Bridge
11. Joe's Guitar Solo
12. Are You Experienced?
13. Had To Cry Today


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