sumate a la comunidad blusera!!

sumate a la comunidad blusera!!
sumate a la comunidad blusera!!

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lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2013

Ry Cooder Live at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz [1987] DVDRIP

Ry Cooder & The Moula Banda Rhythm Aces 
Live At The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA March 25. 1987

Jim Keltner - drums
Ry Cooder - guitar, vocals
Van Dyke Parks - keys
Jorge Calderon - bass
Flaco Jimenez - accordion
Miguel Cruiz - percussion
Steve Douglas - sax
George Bohannon - trombone
Bobby King - tenor
Terry Evans - baritone
Arnold McCuller - tenor
Willie Green Jr - bass

Track Listing:
1. Let's Have a Ball
2. Jesus on the Mainline
3. How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?
4. Down In Mississippi
5. Maria Elena
6. Just a Little Bit
7. The Things That Make You Rich Make Me Poor
8. Crazy Bout an Automobile (Every Woman I Know)
9. Chain Gang
10. Good Night Irene


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