sumate a la comunidad blusera!!

sumate a la comunidad blusera!!
sumate a la comunidad blusera!!

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miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014

Sting - When the Last Ship Sails (2013) DVDRIP

Live At The Public Theater (Anspacher), New York City, NY, USA October 2nd 2013

I record a performance that took place at the New York Public Theater October 2, 2013. This is the video of the live show of attention showed off Sting challenged as the Broadway musical “The Last Ship”. TV studio live video or “Jules” in the further additional extras such as “Late Show” also added recording. It is very recommended title to quickly deliver the 2013 Sting latest video! !

1. Intro

2. The Last Ship
3. Shipyard
4. Coming Home’s Not Easy / And Yet
5. August Winds/6. What Have We Got?
7. Practical Arrangement/8. What Say You, Meg?
9. Dead Man’s Boots
10. Big Steamers
11. Sky Hooks And Tartan Paint
12. Jock The Singing Welder
13. So To Speak
14. Show Some Respect
15. Underground River
16. The Last Ship (Reprise)
17. Ending Credits

Time: 72:21

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