sumate a la comunidad blusera!!

sumate a la comunidad blusera!!
sumate a la comunidad blusera!!

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sábado, 17 de enero de 2015

American Folk Blues Festival 1983 - German TV Show - DVDRIP

American Folk Blues Festival 1983 Bochum "Zeche" 

Jimmy Rogers, Lonnie Pitchford, Lovie Lee, Queen Sylvia, Sparky Rucker, Louisiana Red, Charles 'Honey Boy' Otis, Larry Johnson, Carey Bell 


 0:00 Louisiana Red & His Chicago Blues Friends - No Future 
5:13 Carey Bell - She's Worse 
8:37 Sparkey Rucker - Kind Hearted Woman 
12:50 Lovie Lee Band - Flip,Flop & Fly 
14:35 Lovie Lee Band - Caldonia 
16:32 Charles "Honey Boy" Otis - Iko Iko 
20:05 Lonnie Pitchford - Why I Sing The Blues 
22:50 Lonnie Pitchford - One String Boogie
 25:23 Louisiana Red & Carey Bell - Reagan Is For The Rich Man
 28:52 Larry Johnson - Midnight Hour 
33:23 Queen Sylvia Embry - New York Bound 
38:55 Queen Sylvia Embry - Jam all together



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